PhysiGo becomes 2021 Club Challenge Sponsor

3rd March 2021

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Sport 3 Event Management is excited to announce a new partnership with innovative AI-driven wearable company PhysiGo as the title sponsor of the 2021 Club Challenge at fisiocrem GC30 Main Beach and fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival. PhysiGo’s vision is to become the world leader in innovative AI-driven wearables which provide performance and wellbeing solutions to people in the sports, health and wearables markets and organisers are delighted to welcome PhysiGo to an existing group of innovative event partners.

The PhysiGo Club Challenge returns in 2021 with points awarded for turnout and performance providing clubs and groups throughout South East Queensland (and beyond) the opportunity to battle it out to become PhysiGo Club Challenge Champions.

The fisiocrem GC30 Main Beach event takes place on Sunday 23 May and individuals, club members and coaches can look forward to the opportunity to try out the PhysiGo wearables in the lead up to the 2021 event as the product touches down on Australian shores after successful results with elite athletes at British Athletics.

The PhysiGo team will be in attendance at the Event Village in May to showcase the devices that will monitor your running form in real-time with the AI analysing data over 500 times a second. Depending on your goals and performances, the AI will create and continuously monitor a unique user training plan which will change when needed to ensure your running goals are achieved as quickly and safely as possible.

“The collaboration with PhysiGo is the perfect fit, bringing a partner dedicated to improving your running form, benefitting individuals and coaches.” said Adam Goodger, Event Director at Sport 3 Event Management.

“The passion of the team at PhysiGo is inspirational. From using the wearable devices to provide data-driven performance improvement or simply improving the running form of every-day runners, we can’t wait for this injection of enthusiasm to our events and for our participants to experience the benefits of this new product”. Goodger added.

These small, lightweight ankle pods use patented Artificial Technology to track, analyse and explain more than 17 of your running inputs up to 500 times per second so that you can optimise your performance, reduce injury and be the best you can be.

Designed in partnership with Olympic athletes and priced at an affordable introductory price of $289, this is one investment that will put you streets ahead in your running program. Be at the start of the pack and pre-order one of PhysiGo’s Running Pod Pro’s (RPP’s), due for international release in April 2021.

“Our motivation at PhysiGo is to help wherever possible and create non-exclusive solutions to make a positive difference in people’s lives. We are delighted to partner with the fisiocrem GC30 & GC50 events and share our product with participants that will provide insights on their running form that is currently only available in lab environments.” Said Annamieke Wilds, PhysiGo CEO.

Winners of the PhysiGo Club Challenge on Sunday 23 May will be awarded with the Champions Lounge at the 2021 fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival equipped with complimentary BBQ breakfast, personal chef, picnic bench seating and a range of sponsor prizes.

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